Misa A Luxury Candle Brand Launches in India

Misa A Luxury Candle Brand Launches in India
Apr 2021 , by , in Press Room

Misa, a brand of luxury home fragrances, has just launched in India with a range of scented candles. The brand’s products are a gentle reminder to revel in the slow life, enjoy the small pleasures, and remain positive and blissful.

Misa, which means a beautiful bloom in Japanese, represents classic elegance, timelessness and understated glamour. Created in the finest tradition of luxury candle-making, the brand’s products are made in France and the United States, with fragrances curated by some of the best perfumers in the world. Great efforts have been made to use high-quality, natural essential oils and 100% soy wax, without added chemicals, toxins or dyes. All candles are also made from cruelty-free and environment friendly manufacturing, without compromising on the quality and finish.

The brand launches in India with four diverse collections, with a portfolio of 19 products to start. Each collection features premium packaging and gorgeous jars, soon to become a stylish staple on the coffee tables, vanities, and desks of the country’s tastemakers. Designed to suit every mood and occasion, the candles will instantly elevate any room they are placed in, with their charm and balanced fragrance throw.

The Blush Collection: This collection features four fragrances in a glamorous gold jar – Noir, Mystic Dreams, Magic Fleur & Blanc. The candles are distinguished by smoky and earthy tones from Oud and Black Tea, while ingredients like Jasmine and Plumeria bring the garden home with sweet and warm florals. Each variant is priced at Rs. 2790 inclusive of taxes (for a 6.3 oz / 180 gm candle).

The Forever Collection: This timeless collection features six fragrances – Dewy Night, Enchanted Forest, Love Potion, Misty Garden, New Beginnings & The Wishlist – encased in an all-black matte jar and box. Fresh and sparkling notes have been infused with light florals and citrusy aromas to trigger memories of dense pine forests, cozy winter nights and cheerful soirées. Each candle is priced at Rs. 2190 inclusive of taxes (for a 14.1 oz / 400 gm candle).

The Serendipity Collection: This collection features six candles in minimal, pastel-hued jars, the fragrances of which are designed to evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and rejuvenation. Goodnight Kiss, Morning Blush, Silent Whisper, Soul Mate, Summer Nights & Woody Bliss offer a heady concoction of unique fragrances, ranging from timeless lavender and calming eucalyptus to happy notes of pear and amber. Other fragrance combinations include fresh green mint, delicious vanilla and aromatic berries. Each candle is attractively priced at Rs. 1090 inclusive of taxes (for a 5.6 oz / 160 gm candle).

The Gifts Collection: Misa’s bespoke gifting collection offers luxurious yet thoughtful gifting options. The Lagom gift box offers any two Blush fragrances with a candle snuffer and is an ideal gift for weddings, housewarming parties or corporate events. Koselig offers a customer’s choice of any three Forever Collection fragrances (100 g each) and works beautifully as a classic, age-and-gender-neutral gift. Lykke lets customers pick any three fragrances (100 g each) from the Serendipity collection and comes in a beautiful box to complete a perfect present.

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