Mother’s Importance in Real Estate

Mother’s Importance in Real Estate
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Yesterday was a special day around the world and more so in India, where mothers hold a great significance in our lives. From mother tongue, to mother’s home to mother’s advice, not a day passes without a mention of mother. It was Mother’s Day today as we celebrated the ones that wiped our noses, took care of our wounds and picked us up each time we fell and inspired us to keep striving to be our best selves.

Asma Javed, AVP, Leasing & Commercials, ATS Group, shares, “My mother is an iron lady who stood behind my modern lifestyle yet inculcated traditional values in me. The light who guided my path in Male-dominated sector like real estate sector. My mother has not only nurtured my professional life with her guidance in terms her moral support, but also she taught me, took a stand and empowered me to take a stand for not myself and for others too. She definitely has nerves of steel and a heart of Gold to let me be me.”

Buying a home is symbolic of having a family and mother is the architect of a family. She designs not only the home by her entire family’s lives day in and day out. Love, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, the four most valuable lessons every mother has taught their child play a major role in real estate today. The buying and selling of a property can never be a success if not for Love, Respect, Integrity, Honesty.

Love can be in many ways and forms but the most important is to Love what we do. Love what we do as developers, architects, realtors, site workers and every single part of this industry. Real estate industry is not the easiest and if we didn’t Love what we do we would not make it in this business as one has to really love this occupation in order to withstand the everyday stresses that come with the territory of being a great Real Estate professional.

Respect is one of the first things a mother teaches her child and little do we realise at that age what an important part it plays in our lives. In this profession it is important to respect clients whether they are spending millions or just a few lakhs. A home is a home no matter the price tag. It is also key to respect peers and fellow professionals no matter the differences.

Integrity should be maintained whether one wins a client, loses a client, loses a deal or makes mistakes. Mothers have always taught us to hold our head high and keep composed through the good and the bad. Our Mothers showed us how to gracefully handle tough situations by example and they are lessons we carry all our lives. On this special day we are fortunate for the influence and guidance our mother have had in our lives and still continue to have each and every day. Behind every strong business is a motherly figure, silently guiding and inspiring and designing the future.

Chintan Sheth, Director, Ashwin Sheth Group, “My mother has been an integral part of my journey so far and her contributions in shaping my career and life have been immense. She has been my pillar of support and has helped me to give in my 100 percent in everything I do. I am what I am today because of my mother’s blessings. She has helped me to live a fiercely independent life and made sure that I live my life on my terms. Every Mom has a special power and mine gave me wings to fly and the confidence to stand back on my feet each time I fall.”

This Mother’s Day Realty+ would like to thank all mothers who helped us turn our dreams into a reality and patiently guided us throughout, our gratitude can never be enough.



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