Move towards sustainable, eco-friendly homes

Move towards sustainable, eco-friendly homes
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The environmental impact of development is felt and visible all around us. Be it global warming, water crisis or air pollution, the need of the hour is to be sensitive towards the environment.

Shriram Properties, the property development arm of the Rs. 90,000 crore financial giant Shriram Group, Chennai has taken many steps to ensure sustainable development at all their projects.

The initiatives undertaken by the company for eco-friendly development are as follows:

  • The top fertile soil is preserved for landscaping for the project
  • Adapting new technology like aluminum formwork for structures which restrict debris to a minimum of 10 per cent
  • Providing rainwater harvesting system to conserve and recharge ground water
  • Providing dual system of treating sewage
  • Providing dual piping arrangement to feed all flats with raw water & recycled water after treatment
  • Apartments are designed to give good ventilation in terms of light & air to ensure energy saving
  • Usage of solar energy to a maximum extent for providing solar hot water for flats and lighting system for common areas
  • Utilising maximum ground area for green
  • Ensuring excavated soil is filled in land area where it is required and maintaining a record of the same

Two projects of Shriram Properties- Shriram Luxor on Hennur Road and Shriram Greenfield at Budigere Cross are eco-friendly residential projects. Both the projects have been pre-certified Gold by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).

A few of the special green initiatives for these projects includes:

  • Use of high SRI materials (also known as cool roofs) keeping the temperatures low, thereby saving on electricity bills and usage of CFC refrigerants in air conditioning, both to reduce global warming
  • Application of low volatile organic compound paints on internal walls to keep the toxins away, ensuring healthy indoor environment
  • Selection of high performance glass along with building envelope to reduce heat ingress and minimize energy use by 17 per cent as compared to conventional building

In case of Chirping woods, which is a 16.5 acre project, the construction is only on 5 acres and the balance 11 acre will be pure green open space. We take every possible measure to preserve the natural ecosystem in & around the project like for instance protecting the water bodies.

Shriram Properties aim to not just sustain but conserve and contribute to the environment and the planet at large. Small steps in this direction like usage of aluminum formwork to minimize construction debris will go a long way in protecting the environment around the project.

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