Mumbai FOB Collapses: What’s the remedy?

Mumbai FOB Collapses: What’s the remedy?
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Realty+ in conversation with Dr. Neville Mehta, CEO, Mumbai First. He talks about the necessity of finding a solution to the continuous Mumbai Bridges Collapses.

What are the resources the civic authorities are lacking when it comes to maintenance of railway bridges in the city?

The very word MAINTENANCE by itself suggest that the civic authorities have to maintain an existing structure by assessing its stability,the surrounding areas,the regular cleanliness including coats of paint,lighting,accessibility. In short a comprehensive evaluation on a periodic basis is requireWith 3 Mumbai footbridge collapses in the last 2 years, what are some of the initiatives required to prevent future accidents?


What are the best techniques to ensure that a bridge is structurally sound?

We need to engage QUALIFIED & CERTIFIED structural engineers who have the CREDIBILITY & INTEGRITY along with excellent knowledge on the subject matter.Furthermore, the contract should include a clause which would hold the vendor/consultant legally liable for damages & prosecution which could be strict & stringent.


Do you think the solution lies in private-public partnership for urban development?

A Private Public partnership model is the future of growth in India where the corruption & irregular policies without proper thought process are prevalent.We at Mumbai First is an excellent model of this very successful PP model.


Is it a Mumbai-specific problem? How does Mumbai’s infrastructure maintenance compared with rest of India?

Mumbai’s infrastructure is fractured at various places & departments.Quick fix bandages are used to tide a problem till it becomes a disaster or a problem with a very big magnitude & then & only then does the administration starts to act & perform damage control by passing the buck within various departments. Nobody is accountable or liable for negligence or dereliction of duties. That is why we need a CEO for Mumbai who can have the charge of all the departments & has the authority to coordinate& control the infrastructure administration flawlessly.

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