My Best is yet to come: The Young generation of Designers

My Best is yet to come: The Young generation of Designers
Feb 2018 , by , in Design

Design & Architecture is often said to be the vocation of elderly with years of experience. Yet some of the most creative designs have been created by the young. Realty Plus profiles 20 young designers that are shaping the art & architecture of the country.

The young architects, interior & product designers are curious and smart. They aspire to not only attain professional fame but want to leave a mark on the society through their work. Indeed, emerging practices led by millennial are fraught with challenges but they are also full of potential as these young designers come with untainted new ideas and boldness of youth.

Being the product of an era of technology, they are blurring the boundaries between architecture, digital design, computer engineering and art. While, the millennial are known to use technology to design efficiently and solve engineering problems, they are equally conscious of their responsibility towards the society and the environment.

Riding the worlds of Modernism & Traditional, their works exhibit contemporary concepts & technology-aided designs as well as vernacular themes and ‘going back to the root’ inspirations.

Design is no more an isolated activity. The Internet of Things has enabled immense opportunities for collaboration. The collaborations between architects, developers, product designers, engineers, interior designers, sculptors and artists has given rise to a new language of design that is not bound by the professional qualification anymore.

We are seeing many young architects or designers doing a crossover assignment with equal élan. I guess the era of ‘Master Builders’ and ‘Strarchitects’ is phasing out, replaced with the young and the restless generation which is creating some of the most path-breaking design landscape.

Another noticeable change is the young generation beguiling response to a diversity of human needs. They want to address the need for housing, sustainability, underprivileged, children and the old generation. And this social ambition figures in some of their works.

Sill, a common perception worldwide is that the architect or designer should have practiced for several years before being commissioned a project. But, design sensibilities are not restricted by age and technical knowhow can be acquired as per the demand of the project.

Undeniably, these young designers are beating the odds with their exuberance and creativity. Working on smallest of projects to working for institutions they are showcasing their unlimited talent to climb the ladder of success. Their ‘out of the box’ thinking and fresh perspective is slowly but steadily bringing a paradigm shift in the world of art & architecture.

Fortunately, because of the increasing visibility and acknowledgement of the design profession today, the young designers are taking advantage of the smallest of prospects to build the legacy of their work.  Therefore, it was only appropriate that Realty Plus should bring to its readers some of the talented young architects & designers from across the country India and highlight their marquee projects.

Sapna Srivastava


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