Nestaway to launch incubation programme

Nestaway to launch incubation programme
26/02/2019 , by , in News/Views

Managed home rental network Nestaway is opening its platform of tenants and home owners to launch a six-month equity-free incubation programme to let bootstrapped startups test products and services — a first-of-a-kind initiative by an Indian startup.

The programme, which is in partnership with Excubator, is a fiduciary initiative by Tiger Global and Goldman Sachs backed company to enable early stage founders get access to customers — one of the biggest cost for a startup in early days. It also provides housing and investor connects.

“In our experience, one of the largest determinants of startup success is early access to willing customers to test, fail and learn what works. Unfortunately, getting access to them, to even learn, is expensive. Today, we have the customer base that we’d like our fellow entrepreneurs to have access to,” said AmarendraSahu, CEO, Nestaway Technologies.

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