New China City to be twice as big as New York

New China City to be twice as big as New York
10/04/2017 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

At a total area of 305 square miles (790 sqkm), New York City is quite a sight to behold. So imagine the opulence of Xiongan New Area, a newly proposed city in China that would measure 772 square miles (1870 sqkm) when completed.

On April 1, the Chinese government announced its plans to build the sprawling city across three existing counties. The effort is meant to ramp up local economies and provide residents with a cleaner, less-congested metropolis outside of smoggy Beijing.

Xiongan New Area also reflects China’s mission to increase its megacities. Xiongan will eventually be inside the Jing-Jin-Ji region, which also encompasses Beijing and other major cities.

In its burgeoning megacities, China has built some of the longest bridges in the world and invested billions of dollars in other forms of infrastructure.

Xiongan New Area is exceeding expectations from a business perspective, the New York Times reports. Soon after the announcement, real-estate investors flocked to buy up local properties. “Prices have gone up every day,” one local real estate agent told the Times.

Over time, China hopes the new economic zone will allow citizens living on Beijing’s outskirts to enjoy more cosmopolitan lifestyles. China hasn’t yet put a timeline on Xiongan New Area. However, it has labeled it a “1,000-year project”, signaling its commitment to becoming an economic powerhouse, no matter how long it takes.

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