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Commercial People is an emerging prop-tech company with world’s first global, free to list property portal for both commercial & residential agents.

Currently operating across Dubai and the UAE, UK, South Africa and Nigeria, both Commercial &
Residential People are uniquely positioned to take the Indian property market by storm with a service that caters to both NRI’s and foreign investors, as well as the local market.The free to list portals – which will also launch across China, Malaysia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait in the coming months offer free listings as well as state-of-theart marketing tools. The portals allows real estate agents to target NRI’s & foreign investors while reducing their overheads with free property listings.

The Residential People’s marketing suite enables smaller regional agents to access tools that would otherwise be only accessible by multi-office national players, thus levelling the playing field catering to both independent agencies and larger corporations. The marketing suite allows agents to create property brochures and micro-sites for individual listings, which is great for SEO and help agents to share their properties in a visually appealing manner across social media. One of the most impressive features of the suite is the automated online video generator that delivers a highly accessible, cost-effective and stylish video presentation of the property in a matter of minutes.

Despite our brand infancy, we are well on the way to being one of the biggest portals in the UAE and the largest in India. It is a fact that thousands of properties in certain areas – especially commercial and new build apartments – are not being bought by locals but international buyers. While we understand that international attention doesn’t appeal to every Indian agent, our nationwide coverage can ensure increased exposure for the local market as well. Christopher May, Co-Director, Commercial & Residential People

  • Over 450,000 listings worldwide (Aiming for 1 Million by Q4 2019)
  • Major agents on board include Bricks & Roof, Buniyad, Realty24, Square Yards and more…
  • Imminent launches planned for China and Southeast Asia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain,
    Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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