NGO MASHAL to conduct e-survey of Pune smart city projects

NGO MASHAL to conduct e-survey of Pune smart city projects
Oct 2017 , by , in Latest News

In order to measure the progress and implementation of the Smart City project in Pune, a city-based NGO named MASHAL will conduct research studies and online survey. This will offer valuable and real-time feedback on how it is being implemented through a discourse and at social-level.

The online survey titled “What Makes a City ‘Smart’?” has been designed by MASHAL to explore the opportunities and challenges of the Smart Cities Mission in Pune from a citizen’s perspective and to develop an understanding of people’s involvement, knowledge and interaction with the current smart city developments occurring in Pune. Citizens can participate in the survey in English and Marathi.

Sharad Mahajan of MASHAL said, “One method of the study will be to conduct an online survey, access to which will be circulated via the local media networks and our existing social networks. This method will be one of four primary research methods, including artistic workshops, semi-structured interviews and transect walks conducted in the ABB area.”

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