Notion Flooring Introduced Engineered Wooden Flooring

Notion Flooring Introduced Engineered Wooden Flooring
Mar 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Notion, One of India’s leading brand and producer of modernistic flooring have come up with an exclusive collection of “Engineered wooden flooring” which is an innovative option for luxurious style, ease of installation and environmentally friendly benefit  by adding life, warmth and glow to its surroundings.

 Engineered Wood Flooring by Notion offers several advantages over the classical floorings like tiles, marbles etc. It provides the distinct choices to give your floor your own style. These high-end Engineered hardwood floors are composed of three layers cross stacked then glued and compressed under high pressure and heat to create a flooring material that is impervious to humidity. It is perfect for your kitchen, basements, living area, bedrooms, lobby and even bathrooms as well. This engineered wood series is a perfect combination of versatility, convenience, and affordability that enhance the internal look of your contemporary homes. It comes with an easy to clean and stain resistant property with a worry-free installation and a lifelong span as it doesn’t crack easily.

 Akash Saini-Director-NOTION, “Engineered wood flooring by Notion raise the value of living areas in a visible manner as they are the first observation that one make as they enter into a place. It comes with a special protective layer which protects it from getting fade. It allows enormous ways of setting out your own furnishing style starting with the floor. Numerous select timbers, various plank formats and installation patterns, different ranges and surface treatments open up a unique spectrum for exclusive floor design for your modern homes to give an inspiring look.”

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