Oman’s Vision 2040 for Smart Cities and Vibrant Villages

Oman’s Vision 2040 for Smart Cities and Vibrant Villages
18/11/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

The population of the Sultanate is expected to reach 7.5 million by 2040, of which 3.9 million will be expats. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning is making efforts to develop smart modern cities and vibrant villages that will support each other.

The Ministry is working on a number of initiatives aimed at organising the real estate sector and providing the appropriate environment by creating integrated residential neighbourhoods and developing cities in cooperation with public and private institutions, to put forward models of sustainable cities aimed at raising the lifestyle of the citizen and residents in the Sultanate.”

It is working to achieve the urban strategy of Oman’s Vision 2040 that aims to make the Sultanate a vibrant and attractive destination. The urban strategy is achieved through its five axes:

– Sustainable urban planning by creating flexible cities and communities and preserving the Omani identity.

– Diversity, economic growth, and the creation of an integrated development based on the components of each governorate.

– Protecting the environment and responding to climate change by adapting to and mitigating climate change, managing and monitoring impacts on environmentally sensitive areas and regulating development therein.

– A sustainable, efficient and effective transportation system.

– Efficient infrastructure with the optimal use of resources, the shift to renewable energy, and the development of sustainable green infrastructure for sustainable societies.

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