One family, one tenement, says new SRA rule

One family, one tenement, says new SRA rule
Jan 2019 , by , in Latest News

The Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has amended the eligibility rules under slum rehabilitation schemes. According to the amended rules, only one person from a family is eligible for tenement under the rehabilitation scheme.

Even if a person or other members of his family own more than one structure, the family will still get only one tenement. This was revealed by SRA in an affidavit submitted in the Bombay High Court in response to a public interest litigation. Also read

The affidavit filed by the SRA says that only the actual occupants of the hutment shall be eligible, and the so-called structure owner other than the actual occupant, if any, even if his name is shown in the electoral roll for the structure, shall have no right whatsoever to the reconstructed tenement against that structure.

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