‘One Life, No Compromises!’

‘One Life, No Compromises!’
May 2020 , by , in Interviews

“At Central Park, we look at our projects, not as mere bricks-and-mortar but as habitats for families and individuals who aspire to the finer things and are sensitive to what is benchmarked as – the good life,” says Amarjit Bakshi, Chairman & Managing Director, Central Park


How Is the Company Transforming With The Times

We seek feedback from our valued residents, investors, patrons and all stakeholders. What is more important is that we have implemented their suggestions to make life more enjoyable and fulfilling. At Central Park Resorts – the hallmark of fine living and enviable lifestyles, we have already initiated:

  1. Anti-smog cannons that combat the deteriorating air quality, bringing down the AQI levels substantially
  2. Reserving 80% of space as ‘green areas’
  3. Zero vehicular movement on ground level, significantly reducing air and noise pollution, not to mention safety of walkers
  4. Modern waste management and rainwater harvesting systems
  5. Zero water discharge outside the condominium
  6. Plantation drives – 60,000 plants, shrubs, bushes, creepers, etc.
  7. Obtaining of LEED pre-certification for building construction


What Is Your Customer Outreach Programme

The foundation of Central Park is Customer-Centricity. The customer-centric philosophy is amply demonstrated by the activities we keep undertaking:

  1. Flower & Organic Vegetable shows at Flower Valley
  2. Plantation Drives with NGOs such as Green Siddhi
  3. Investor meets organized for Bellavista Suites
  4. Supporting cultural events such as Jahan-E-Khusrau
  5. Newsletters and information flows – keeping us connected with residents and stakeholders


The Novel Initiatives of the Company

An important transformational initiative by Central Park is our endeavour to empower women. We have created strong networks that allow women to independently develop recommendation marketing activities. Also, our online booking facility enables our potential customers to conveniently interact from any venue. Alongside this, we have introduced a ‘marketing first’ by offering potential residents an experience of Central Park Resorts through a ‘Reserve your Stay’ program, a free-of-cost limited period stay enabling them to get a first-hand feeling of life at Central Park.


What is the Company Growth Outlook?

We are one of the leading real-estate developers in this part of the country as far as quality, trust and delivery of projects are concerned. Our aim is to be respected as the best in the Residential & Hospitality Services Industry. In the next 3 years, we will be expanding into newer residential, commercial & retail segments of the market. We look forward to significant growth!


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