Oneplus Opens World’s Biggest Store in Hyderabad

Oneplus Opens World’s Biggest Store in Hyderabad
06/11/2020 , by , in ALLIED

OnePlus has virtually unveiled the world’s biggest experience store in Hyderabad, the OnePlus Nizam Palace.  A little over a year ago, OnePlus announced that they were going to launch the biggest OnePlus Store in the world, in the city of Nawabs Hyderabad. The store has a whopping 16,000 sq. ft, and customers can buy every OnePlus product, including the OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus India has also confirmed that it is investing over 100 crores in India to expand office strategy, and the brand is most likely to launch OnePlus Experience centers in the other parts of the country.

OnePlus Nizam Palace is designed with the company’s philosophy of burdenless design with unique architecture. Similarly, this is also the first-ever fan-controlled store, which was revealed on Twitter live.

OnePlus Nizam Palace has a two-tone design, where the aluminum facade symbolizes a bright and lustrous future, whereas the red brick wall beneath represents the brand’s loyal, rooted community, depicting its strong foundation cemented by the brand’s impenetrable core values.

The walls of the OnePlus Nizam Palace has horizontal LED walls, which showcases the #ShotOnOnePlus content (photos and videos) by the community. The store also functions as a service center with dedicated glass cubicles, allowing customers to meet and consult service executives with transparency.

The company currently has over 5,000 stores across the country, and OnePlus Nizam Palace is the biggest of the lot. OnePlus is currently aiming to offer service center networks in over 100 cities in India by 2021, offering good after-sales service.

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