Only four out of 52 smart cit projects completed in Hubballi

Only four out of 52 smart cit projects completed in Hubballi
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Though 52 projects have to be implemented under the Union government’s Smart City Project, only four have been completed and the remaining are either at the tender, detailed project or concept stage.

Residents of Hubballi-Dharwad expecting a major change have to wait at least 2-3 months to see some work. Only e-toilets at four locations are ready.

Interestingly, four projects to be implemented under Public-Private Partnership have been delayed. According to the Hubballi-Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL) officials, the project of replacing conventional energy bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs has taken a back seat as the tender invited for the work was taken back following a directive from the state-level high power steering committee and revised feasibility report is yet to be submitted for its approval.

The project of installing smart or intelligent poles has also got delayed as a company which participated in the pre-bid has sought 30 years maintenance period whereas HDSCL has a limited maintenance period of 14 years.

The issue is pending with the state technical committee.

The installation of solar rooftops at Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation buildings is also in a fix as there was confusion over fixing price for generated power. The project has been revised and it needs retendering, said sources.

Another project of building smart parking at the railway station was called off by HDSCL due to non-co-operation of South Western Railways. The HDSCL planned to build a smart parking lot, which will have solar rooftop and e-toilets and other amenities. For the commencement of this project, the railways was to give no-objection letter to develop the facilities but SWR did not provide it, said another officer.

HDSCL special officer SH Naregal told media that five projects are in progress, 17 projects are at the tender stage, seven are at DPR stage and 13 are in the concept stage. “The process of issuing a work order for a project is very lengthy and takes a lot of time. In another two months, many important projects will take off,” he said.

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