Orient Bell Limited launches Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Orient Bell Limited launches Full Body Vitrified Tiles
Feb 2018 , by , in Latest News

Orient Bell Limited has launched another collection of tiles, the Full Body Vitrified Tiles. The term full body tile, also known as a through body tile, refers to the tile being consistent in composition throughout the body of the tile. Hence, this type of vitrified tiles has color throughout the thickness of the tile.

Mr. Ashish Mehta, President Sales & Marketing said “With so many innovations with style, texture. Patterns etc, Full Body Vitrified tiles are becoming the benchmark. These tiles are pigmented across the entire tile (thickness), thus making them sturdy and less prone to traffic. Their water resisting property and ease of maintenance makes them even more suitable.”

Full bodied porcelain is less permeable to water; its body is 0.0% -0.5% absorbent to water. These tiles are formed with the paint mixture which is pre-added while making the body. Generally easy to clean and maintain, these tiles have a stunning and classic appearance. Because the design is spread across the entire body of the tiles, it will never fade away, the company said in a statement.

These tiles are often used outdoors due to their water and frost resistance. Available in the size 600x600mm, these tiles are also ideal for flooring in areas such as shopping complex, airports etc. These are currently available in four shades – Beige, Nero, Gris and Cream.



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