OSRAM introduces eco-friendly low pressure UV Lamps

OSRAM introduces eco-friendly low pressure UV Lamps
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OSRAM, a leading global brand in lighting industry is all set to disrupt the market with its new product ‘OSRAM UV Lamps’ which feature excellent efficiency for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces. Christened as OSRAM PURITEC® HNS®, the low-pressure OSRAM UV Lamps are manufactured in Europe hence they boast matchless international technology. OSRAM UV Lamps are available in different sizes and outputs to suit different requirements for effective purification in a wide range of applications.

Creating a distinct edge over competition, OSRAM UV Lamps are studded with matchless European technology. Amid the market currently marred by many poor quality UV lamps available at a very low price, OSRAM has brought in top-of-the-line low pressure UV Lamps to make a difference and empower the customers with the much required awareness about using only genuine UV lamps produced by only a handful of manufactures.

OSRAM UV Lamps emit light at 254 nm, which gives the radiation cell-destroying effect and such UV-C radiation has instant photolytic effect on DNA of microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts and virus. Highly promising eco-friendly alternatives to chemical purification processes, OSRAM UV Lamps are ideal for effective purification of water, air and surfaces.

These low-pressure UV Lamps by OSRAM emit mercury line radiation mainly in the short-wave ultraviolet range and that’s another USP of this much sought after product. Moreover, environment friendly OSRAM UV Lamps are ozone-free lamps that kill micro-organisms but do not let ozone generating radiation through hence they do not leave any malodorous smell in the water or by-products.

While launching the world-class OSRAM UV Lamps, Mr. André Köhler, Global Product Manager, UV Lamps said, “OSRAM remains committed to offer the most exciting product line tailor made for its valued customers. For us it’s a matter of great pride that we are among the leaders in all our product categories. With OSRAM UV Lamps, we are contributing our bit to general wellbeing and health of our customers who will get best results in terms of purified and clean air, water and surface.  OSRAM UV Lamps come equipped with the latest European technology to offer strong competitive value to the users.”

Application areas of OSRAM UV Lamps for water purification: – private households, water dispensers, community water works, mobile stations (camping, outdoor activities), swimming pools, ultra-pure water systems, fish farms, food processing factories, sewage systems etc.

Application areas of OSRAM UV Lamps for air purification: – hospitals, doctors’ practices, clean rooms, storage rooms, food processing, rooms with frequent public access, etc.

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