“Our aim is to capture the Indian market”

“Our aim is to capture the Indian market”
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The concept for co-working space is on the rise, especially in metro cities like Mumbai, NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru.

Co-working start-up VORQ Space is looking to invest a good sum of money to expand into tier I and tier II markets in the next three years.The company has started expansion into tier 1 cities as well as tier 2 cities. The focus locations in the first phase are Goa, Surat, Nashik, where VORQ Space will be opening offices in each city. The company currently has two boutique spaces in Mumbai and is in the process of opening up a third in HutatmaChowk area of South Mumbai.

“We are now more focused in moving towards tier II cities. I am done with Mumbai for now. I want to move out and explore more places and different options like Goa, Pondicherry and other such places. In Goa we have actually done the leg work and are looking to have more of a co-living and co-working space. I want to tap the digital nomad crowd.” shares Akshit Mehta, Founder, Vorq Space.

The main focus of Vorq Space is the ambience they provide to their customers. The co-working space provider gives occupants the freedom and flexibility to customize their work area as long as they return it the original condition upon exit.

”People always ask me what sets Vorq Space apart from the rest. Every co-working space has something that they are famous for and we have our colours. We work on our colours and design. We are very particular about design and hence we ensure that anything that goes out to our customers is of the best quality.” Expounds Akshit Mehta, Founder, Vorq Space.

Vorq Space also provides its renters with unique and customer friendly packages and offers which they can avail across all their offices. This specially attracts freelancers and those always travelling for business. So instead of running from pillar to post for a good internet connection and a comfortable work desk, one can just check into the nearest Vorq Space and avail all this facilities through their smart and short term packages. All the person has to do is book the space a little in advance so the manager is aware and can keep the space ready. Mehta also shares that when a client uses the place for longer hours they get discounts.

On a global scenario Mehta states that they are looking at venturing into the international market most probably on a partnership basis with other co-working companies. “What I have realized is everyone is co-working except the co-working industry. At the end of the day everyone is a competitor. But why not work together can make better profits. It’s beneficial for all the stakeholders.”

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