Social Media and the Changing Trends of Real Estate Marketing

Social Media and the Changing Trends of  Real Estate Marketing
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Seventy percent of those went over said they use social media to make relationships and networking, while 64 percent assured that they use it for marketing and rendering leads. The use of social media is no longer a trend relatively it has become the necessity for any business that is looking to effectively reach out to its customers, connect with them, stay relevant, and maintains brand awareness.

Importance of Social Media on Real Estate Business:

Every month, more than 700 billion minutes are passed on Facebook. Every week, one billion tweets are sent on Twitter. Social media, internet/mobile marketing and instant communication have taken over, and are here to stay in a big way. Social media is yet another important tool for the agents to provide local and geographically-specific tips about the neighborhood, community and cities they live in. In fact through social media it’s very easy to connect with other experts in the industry which is equally important these days.

Listed below are the few benefits which a Real Estate Developer can avail by using Social Media:

• Social Media is an influential way to build trust, credibility and a strong personal brand.
• The varied online presence of Social Media is key to overall marketing success;
• Home buyers and sellers can easily benefit from the information they need with the help of Social Media
• Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others offer a prosperous media experience, leaving prospective clients to relish articles, photos, videos, and other digital files from the comfort of their own home

The possibilities are never-ending, and the advantages are limitless if you take the time to be energetic in social media, and take full benefit of its reach.

Social Media tools for Real Estate marketing:

Social media for real estate is here to stay and can be a powerful instrument to spread information about your properties and to endorse your construction business in your preferred target audience.


A Facebook page for your business can help you promote your properties and your business in the best possible ways by sharing your listings using, information videos and photos. People love to see beautiful pictures and information about houses for sale in their zone. Create events in Facebook for all of your open houses and make sure your open houses get the exposure that you want through the event. You can even send invitations to specific people who you think might be interested in your open house. You can also share the event on your personal account causing further engagement about your properties.


Twitter is the fastest growing social media network and offers Realtors a break to connect locally, nationally and internationally. Twitter can be a great way to sponsor your properties to a fuller audience and offers you the capability to get links and traffic to your page. Make sure enough to use up time listening to what people in your community and in your niche is talking about and what they are re-posting. This will assist you to direct your own message so that you can gladly take on in the conversation. Put in a hashtag to your tweets so that they come up in searches executed by others.


One of the best ways to be found online is to provide Internet users with rich capacity. A real estate blog renders you with a prospect to develop rich content about your forte and to constantly post the content to social media pages. Some subjects that can be used on a real estate blog are:
Describe your real estate listings in further detail with information that is not available in an MLS form.

Provide further details about the different neighborhoods that you serve with your real estate firm.
Present insight and guidance on ways that buyers and sellers can improve their real estate experience.

Real Estate Portal:

Make sure that your presence on the mainline real estate portal is fresh, up to date, and connected to all of your other profiles on the web. Each one of the sites bids the capacity to build out your profile with extra information and links. Recommend your buyers and sellers to write acknowledgments for you on one of the social media sites.

Benefits of Using Social Media for the Developers:

Using social media is a great way for real estate agents / Developers to grow their business as they are competent to immediately connect with Present clients, prospective clients and their real estate needs. It is important for every real estate agent to use social media to promote their business but on the other hand you can only succeed in this game if you how to play with it.

Build your Reputation:

The major reason why real estate professionals should use social media is to prop up their business and build their repute. Once you are able to place yourself as an industry expert, it will be an easier to attract new clients. Rendering your Twitter followers or Facebook fans with insightful, quality substance is the best way to position you as an industry expert. Make sure that what you are placing is meaningful to your followers and this can be the only reason to keep your readers fascinated and occupied in what you are posting as they will look forward to the next piece of information you share about the real estate industry.


Another reason why real estate professionals should be taking lead of social media websites is to meshing within the real estate industry. Connecting with your present and past clients through your Facebook page is an excellent way to ask for referrals for your business. At the end of your posts, you may request your readers to share your article or link with someone that they know who is expecting for a new house. Using social media to connect with your current and past clients is a highly successful way to engender new business.

Diversify your Marketing Efforts:

Combination with some online advertising and social media marketing will help your business reach new clients that conventional marketing methods never would have reached. Updating your social media accounts on a daily basis is a good way to keep budding clients knowledgeable about your current listings. Also, posting videos to YouTube is another great way to advertise your business in a new way. Being able to show potential homebuyers video of a new home you have for sale is a great way to stimulate their interest in a home.

From involving with buyers and sellers to communicating with industry matches and lending expert, there are many ways to use social media. There is no question that real estate marketing is set to make hay with the direction the Internet is going. The demand for everyone to share everything with everyone they know and the trend towards the visual makes this a completely remarkable time to enhance your Internet marketing and social media involvement.

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