Our IP- based Video Door Phone is unique

Our IP- based Video Door Phone is unique
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Vaibhav Haria, Director, iBuildings speaks about his Home Automation company and its USP

Please tell us something about iBuildings?

iBuildings is the building & home automation division ofOptilink Networks Pvt. Ltd. We decided to leverage our strength in fiber optic / networking solutions since 2005 to provide innovative and technologically advanced building & home automation solutions.

What is the USP of your brand?

Our USP is integrating various technology devices and make them talk to each other seamlessly. All our automation solutions are scalable which means our customers will always be at peace knowing that all products purchased from different vendors will integrate & work seamlessly with each other. We aim to delight our users, and hence, our R&D team focuses on enhancing customer experienceevery time they develop a new iBuildings product.

Another USP is providing custom automation solutions. India is a diverse country. We acknowledge this fact and design solutions which best fit the unique requirements of every Indian family.

How do you foresee the Home Automation market?

With the adoption and increased availability of 4G & high-speed internet services, there is huge opportunity for building & home automation solutions. The home automation market is still in its nascent stage and will continue to evolve in the next couple years.

After enough R&D, we have partnered with KNX – the leading worldwide standard of building & home automation systems. This partnership with KNX makes us one of the most technology savvy building & home automation companies in India.

Are individuals also opting for Home Automation?

The individuals who have visited our website (www.ibuilding.in) or have seen available home automation solutions acknowledge that they would also like to transform their home into a SMART HOME. However, they are initially concerned about the cost factor. Let me clear a myth, here – Home Automation is not at all expensive. Depending on the features you pick & choose, the cost is Rs 25k to Rs 2.5lac for a standard 2BHK.

What is the one product that is offered by iBuildings which is unique in features?

Our IP-based Video Door Phone (VDP) is unique. Unlike traditional VDPs which have a fixed indoor panel, ours is a tablet which is removable. Not only can you use it anywhere in your home to check who is ringing your door-bell, but you can also use the same VDP to control your lights, curtains, AC, TV, Home Theatre, monitor indoor security, etc. You can also use the same 7-inch or 10-inch VDP as an intercom device & video-call your building/community friends for free.

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