Over 13500 employees Share 1 lac carpools at Candor Techspace

Over 13500 employees Share 1 lac carpools at Candor Techspace
09/01/2020 , by , in ALLIED

Battling against climate change and alarming pollution levels, Candor TechSpace managed by Brookfield Properties, has recently partnered with Quick Ride, one of India’s leading ride-sharing platforms to provide employees with hyper-local carpooling services around its campuses in Gurugram, Noida, and Kolkata.

In its latest report, Candor TechSpace has highlighted that 13500 employees have used carpooling services – sharing close to 1 lac carpools and saving 256 Tons of CO2 in the last six months.

Currently, each of the Candor TechSpace campuses has more than 20,000 professionals working in them, of which a majority were solely dependent on private vehicles or cab services for their daily commute. This strategic tie-up has enabled these professionals to leverage carpooling benefits – leading to a significant reduction in on-road traffic congestion and cutting down of ever-increasing air pollution levels.

Alok Agarwal, CEO of India Office Business, Brookfield Properties “Every little or big step counts when it comes to combatting air pollution and we are happy to have contributed to the reduction of traffic congestion on NCR and Kolkata roads. It’s also encouraging to see a young millennial workforce at our IT & Tech Parks responding so well to the solutions we’ve provided of car-pooling in partnership with Quick Ride. I think everyone wants to be part of a positive change. As an environmentally conscious company, solutions for cleaner, safer travel that will go a long way in battling against pollution, will always remain a priority for us at Brookfield Properties.”

Mr. Rao, Founder of Quick Ride said, “We aim to meet the commuting needs of a corporate workforce that is willing to fight against the odds of climate change – in the form of decongesting roads and mitigating vehicular pollution. The association with Candor TechSpace has further taken this mission a notch higher while continuing to increase awareness among corporates. Carpooling is gaining momentum and it is good to see that people have recognized its importance.”

India is home to a large number of working professionals, who if provided with economical alternatives without compromising on comfort levels, are willing to switch from private cars and taxis. Carpooling can be a game-changing alternative solution with a potential to save up to $22 billion annually, which otherwise would have gone in high fuel consumption and maintenance cost. Candor’s strategic association with Quick Ride is inline with this vision and has great potential to bring about a dramatic change across several Indian cities in terms of reduced on-road traffic congestion and vehicular pollution.

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