Paints speak a lot about the space and its dweller

Paints speak a lot about the space and its dweller
Jun 2019 , by , in Interviews

Realty+ chats to Hemil Parikh, Founder – Elysium Abodes, learning the latest trends grabbing the paint industry and consumers attention.

What are the current interior colour trends?

Paints speak a lot about the space and its dweller and go beyond the mere purpose of a wall finish. Colour therapy is trending presently where paints and their colours are specifically chosen for respective spaces. 2019 is all about living coral and monochrome. The life-affirming starshade, “Living Coral” exudes warmth, comfort, natural and lively qualities that paints a rich picture when it comes to incorporating the same in-home décor. Its eye-catching nature draws attention to the connoisseur’s eye. The design trick is to incorporate the hue through decorative accessories, such as cushions, vases, artwork, rugs, and carpets with different patterns. Black and white will always be a classic colour combination that is not dictated to by a change in seasons because of its timeless and elegant appeal.  The key to creating a great monochrome interior is by allowing one colour to dominate the other in proportion. Black and white can have a striking effect and it certainly is an epitome of classic chic.

What are the latest paint finishes in vogue?

Absolute Matte finishes are in vogue presently viz a viz the lustre and oil-based Paints. Also, textures like marble finish, super smooth and Matte finish are preferred mostly by the customers. Metallic Paints like oxidized finish and wrought iron finish are in vogue and are being used as a highlighter to break the monotony. Concrete finish and stone finish wall finishes are mostly used to create a distinctive texture.

What are the new innovations that have come in paint products in terms of finishes as well as applications?

Innovation is a term widely associated with Interior industry. New innovations and reinventions are a key that upgrades the entire home painting experience for the end users. There are various services like trained applicators, tools and advanced products for faster applications of paints. Low VOC Paints which are non-toxic and odourless Paints are being introduced by several paint manufacturers.

Is cost a deterrent for technically advanced paint products or are they worth the money in the long run?

The cost of the paint is certainly worth the expense in the long run considering the longevity and durability of Paints. Painting is a tedious activity which includes a lot of surface preparation, layers of primer, lambi, putty and then is the final coat of paint. It involves packing of loose furniture, cleaning thereafter, etc. So, in my opinion in the overall cost of painting the cost of the paint itself is miniscule and well worth the cost.

How can paint play a role in making homes healthier and cleaner?

Paints are certainly one of the most beautiful aesthetic elements to a house. It helps in making a space look distinct and complete. A well painted room certainly look a cleaner and is comfortable for the home dweller. Low VOC Paints have zero emissions and hence are healthy in terms of day to day living. There are also special sterile coating available which are used in hospitals and medical facilities where patients are being treated and human bodies are prone to infections.

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