Panaji to get projects worth Rs 60 crore under AMRUT

Panaji to get projects worth Rs 60 crore under AMRUT
27/05/2016 , by , in News/Views

The state level technical committee for Atal mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation (AMRUT) gave its approve to the annual state action plan (SAAP), which included projects valued at Rs 60 crore for the city.

With 82% weightage on modernizing and streamlining urban transport in the city, the project has now been sent to the state level high powered steering committee headed by the Chief Secretary, R K Srivastava.

AMRUT aims to ensure water supply and sewer connections along with increasing the current water supply, sewer network and drainage system in urban pockets, along with the promotion of green spaces in the city.

“These approvals will now be placed before the Chief Secretary for approval. Among the projects that have got approval are the implementation of a vaccum sewer network system in the city for low-lying areas with five years of operation and maintenance,” a source said.

During the meeting it was also revealed that 21 out of the 28 reforms outlined by the Union ministry of urban development have yet to be achieved. “These 21 reforms need to be achieved to claim 10% incentives and we have to submit the report by May 26,”source said.

The Union Ministry of Urban Development has launched AMRUT and smart city missions to address the challenges of urbanization by providing basic services such as water supply, sewerage, urban transport and also access to facilities such as green spaces and parks, particularly those that are children-friendly.

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