Parel high-rise denied OC over illegal alterations

Parel high-rise denied OC over illegal alterations
25/08/2018 , by , in News/Views

The builder of Parel’s Crystal Tower, where a fire broke out on Wednesday, was collecting Rs 3,500 as monthly maintenance charge from resident for the upkeep as a society has not been formed. Some of the flatowners have not been paying the charge, demanding OC and conveyance so that they can form a society.

Advocate Gunratan Sadavarta, a resident of the building, said, “The builder sold all flats and left without ensuring that we should have OC. So, many of us were not paying him any charges.”

A shopkeeper on the ground floor of the building said a four-storey chawl building stood on the land before builder Abdul Razak Ismail Supariwala took it for redevelopment in 2006. He recalled that a portion of their six-decades old building collapsed during the 2005 flood, causing fear among the resident. Consequently, they accepted the redevelopment proposal of Supariwala and he submitted a proposal to the BMC in 2006 to construct 16-floor tower.

He was supposed to rehabilitate occupants in the new tower, and was allowed to sale the remaining flats to recover his cost and profit. As it was cessed building redevelopment project, the BMC granted special concession for more FSI.

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