People at Heart and Passion for Education

People at Heart and Passion for Education
May 2020 , by , in Interviews

The flag bearer with an uncanny ability to inspire and empower, Pradip Chopra, Chairman & MD, P S Group and Chairman, iLEAD dons many hats. He takes decisions based upon the benefits to customers, employees, community, government, shareholders and partners.

Pradip Chopra is a builder with a keen eye for design and wellness in his projects. He advocates and diligently practices the three Rs, reduce, recycle and re-use in all his projects.  He is also an educationist and a teacher, motivational speaker and an author and a real estate advisor and a social worker.  Apart from his business of real estate, Chopra spends almost six hours every day teaching students of St. Xavier’s College and J. D. Birla Institute almost six days a week.


What are your latest Social Initiatives?

I am the Convener of Terapanth Professional Forum initiative UDAAN which provides 100% scholarship to meritorious but financially weak students from all over the country, irrespective of their cast, community and religion. Also,  I am the President of Murshidabad Heritage Development Society that was born out of love for the heritage of Murshidabad,.

I have also started several CSR initiatives under PS Group named as ‘Nayee Disha’ and ‘Supersoft’ with a mission to empower over one million youngsters with skills that would make them employable. Already several thousand youngsters from different strata of society are being trained under these initiatives with vocational as well as soft skills.


How can we bring a Social Transformation?

The biggest impediment for India’s growth today is the lack of skilled manpower despite the fact that India has the world’s largest population of youngsters. Unless India quickly expands its educational infrastructure, this advantage could become liability as unskilled and unemployed youth could be a very destructive force.

I believe that India could empower its youth by imparting skill which would ensure employment and inspire them to make positive contribution towards the country’s growth. Opportunities are everywhere. You have to be able to see an opportunity in everything. A person should be able to take risks in order to succeed.

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