Philippines to Terminate Chinese Construction Deals

Philippines to Terminate Chinese Construction Deals
29/08/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

The Philippines’ foreign minister “strongly recommend” that his government terminate contracts with Chinese construction companies sanctioned by the US this week. China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), one of China’s largest contractors, is constructing the $10bn Sangley Point International Airport in Cavite Province, on the southern shores of Manila Bay.

The project, undertaken with local partner Macroasia, involves land reclamation and the expansion of an existing airport. Also, CCCC subsidiary China Harbour Engineering Company has been given the go-ahead for a €650m reclamation project in Manila Bay.

Juanito Victor Remulla, the governor of Cavite, said “If the president says, if the Department of National Defence says, that it’s a security risk to enter an agreement with them, then we will terminate the agreement immediately.”

In recent years, the Philippines has been wavering between the US, with whom it has historic ties, and China, which has offered to make investments in much-needed infrastructure.

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