On-boards Over 4000 Real Estate Brokers On-boards Over 4000 Real Estate Brokers
Nov 2021 , by , in Press Room, the full-stack, technology real estate services company in India announced that it has successfully registered over 4000 real estate brokers throughout September and October through its PropertyPistol Syndicate Members App, the broker aggregation and engagement platform that aims to revolutionize the way brokers engage and operate their businesses. Focused on technologically empowering the real estate brokers, the app is being received quite well by them and is proving to be a conducive solution to the traditional approach that real estate brokers usually adopt.

PropertyPistol Syndicate Members App is well equipped to streamline, organize and ease a real estate broker’s daily business transaction. Once a broker is registered on the app, he/she can expect a wide range of tech enabled features that provide necessary filters and showcase relevant matches of other broker’s leads to enable them to connect and engage with just a click of a button. This ensures no wastage of time in facilitating the transaction and fulfilling a client’s requirement. Each phase of the transaction is handled efficiently through PropertyPistol Syndicate Members app including lead sourcing, managing them seamlessly and receiving real time project summary to know important details like the payment made by the customer and the brokerage due from the developer.

Ashish Narain Agarwal, Founder & CEO, said, “It is extremely pertinent for the real estate broker community to have a cohesive approach towards the business. The need of the hour is aggregation and engagement across this community and technology can work wonders to accommodate this requirement. At, our goal is to empower the real estate brokers with our technology prowess to enable them to seamlessly carry on their business. I am glad to see our vision being fructified and more and more brokers being benefited out of this unique solution. We look forward to keep updating the app to make it the first port of call for every real estate broker in India.”

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