Providing ease of doing business

Providing ease of doing business
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“We believe in the idea of localizing global expertise & adhering to the best practices in real estate” says Shekhar Tolani, Director Sahib Realty Pvt. Ltd.

Brief profile of the company

Sahib Realty started in 2012, our operation encompasses various aspects of real estate development. The company specializes inland services, acquisition & disposals, liasoning services, governmental liasoning and land procurement. Our effort is to make the buying and selling of real estate as cost-effective as possible by felicitating one window clearance for real estate players. Our strong professional approach, specialization and in depth understanding of today’s reality market makes us experts in doing things at competitive costs. Currently, we are working with leading Developers of Khar Bandra Location.

Company’s approach & methodology

A real estate transaction can often bequite complicated due to the complexity of the property rights being transferred, the amount of money being exchanged, and government regulations. We act on behalf of owners, buyers and tenants to arrange the sale or lease of property (including houses, buildings, businesses and land). We network with government officers from MHADA, SRA, BMC, Mantralaya, Civil Aviation matters. We are also planning to provide corporate liasoning to leading corporate developers/builders in our services as expansion.

The future growth plans

As a consulting company, our work is directly linked only with the developers. The state of the market does not directly affect us. We are mainly concerned with the government policies that can affect the developer’ projects. Also, the company is coming up with a unique project in Mumbai suburbs, which will be a landmark in itself. It is in the planning stage as of now.

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