Pune civic body approves up to four FSI along HCMTR

Pune civic body approves up to four FSI along HCMTR
23/02/2019 , by , in News/Views

The civic body on Tuesday paved the way for more constructions dotting the High Capacity Mass Transit Route with its general body approving allotment of up to 4 floor space index along it.

According to the proposal the general body (GB) approved, the additional floor space index (FSI) would be given up to 500 metres alongside the route. The FSI would range from 2.25 to 4, depending on the road width.

The infrastructure would have to be built to fulfil the needs of people who will live in the constructions coming up using the 4 FSI. The money generated by the premium of the FSI would be used to build the facilities.

Various options for making the High Capacity Mass Transit Route (HCMTR) project viable were studied. Factors such as toll and surcharge on fuel were discussed to raise the capital for the project. The civic officials had been working for around three months for finalizing the details of the project and preparing the docket.

According to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) officials, the civic administration has planned to complete the land acquisition for the HCMTR in three months. Drone cameras and other high-end technology would be used for quick land acquisition.

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