Pune Mulls Long-Term Leasing Of Amenity Spaces

Pune Mulls Long-Term Leasing Of Amenity Spaces
28/11/2020 , by , in News/Views

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has finally decided to give up the plan to sell its 117 amenity spaces, which may be leased out for a longer period of time. After building department officials submitted an opinion that the plots — 34 acres in all at Baner, Balewadi and other areas — should be leased for a longer period of time, the authorities have now started considering this new option. Citizens have, however, stated that they will still continue to oppose this as longer lease in a way means handing over the ownership just like the sale bid.

As per the original plan, PMC had decided to sell its amenity spaces for generating revenue while ensuring zero encroachment. The only condition for the development was that the developer would have to construct one of the designated amenities — schools, gymnasiums, sports complexes, markets, hospitals, etc. — for the utilisation of the citizens.

Rajendra Muthe, head of land and estates department of PMC, added, “Based on the city engineer’s opinion, we are considering leasing of the amenity spaces. PMC doesn’t have the authority to put the properties on lease for 90 years. So, we are trying to figure out if we can split this period. A final proposal will be prepared accordingly.”

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