Punjab refuses to budge on new building bylaws

Punjab refuses to budge on new building bylaws
02/01/2019 , by , in News/Views

Despite the stiff objection of businessmen to the new building bylaws introduced by the state government for setting up new industries in Punjab, the government has still not budged from its stand.

On the other hand, the city’s industrialists have once again warned the government that the new rule — under which the minimum land requirement for setting up a factory has been kept at 359 square yards in the state — will spell disaster for upcoming micro and small units in the state, and prospective businessmen will be left with no choice except moving to other neighbouring states.

According to NarinderBhamra, president of Fasteners Manufacturers’ Association of India: “This law will not only discourage new small-scale investors who want to set up their factories, but also badly affect businessmen who want to expand their existing factories or set up additional units. However, it is really shocking how the government reached this conclusion that 359 square yards is the minimum area required for setting up a small factory in the state. We are once again making it clear to the government that if this diktat is not taken back at the earliest, we will be forced to hit the roads, as this rule will prove disastrous both for industry and the state.”

According to RajkumarSingla, president of Fasteners Suppliers’ Association: “I think this is first time any state has made such a law which will put a full stop on industrial growth. Considering the huge rise in the cost of land in Punjab, how will the micro and small-scale entrepreneurs be able to afford a plot of 359 square yards? With such arbitrary laws in force in the state, businessmen will be left with no option but to consider setting up their factories in neighbouring states, where no such laws exist, and all resources like manpower, electricity, land etc are cheaper. Therefore, the state government should realise its mistake and roll back this law at the earliest, or else we will have to consider the option of launching a series of protests against this rule.”

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