Quality Runs In Our DNA

Quality Runs In Our DNA
20/05/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Sharvil Shridhar, Co-founder, A. Shridhar Group aims to add a fresh perspective with respect to innovation in each and every project of the organization.

Shridhar Group has an experience of more than 2 decades in land and infrastructure development. Since the past many years, our meticulous project planning, stringent quality controls and adherence to the delivery schedules, have helped boost customer satisfaction. Most importantly we have the pulse on the changing demands of the market and converts it into demand driven products that bring a huge value to the company. We further utilize the benefit of the most advanced construction equipment and technologies to ensure on-time delivery for every project undertaken.

The company has transformed into a Process-based and SOP driven organization rather than a person driven one. This is the biggest change we have been able to achieve in last 3 years.


Novel Initiative by the Company

The Ashridhar APP is our new introduction which allows potential buyers to not only view all our project details but also through Bot technology allow them to interact with us. Moreover, soon our APP will be able to give all Booking and other related Payment details, so any customer can view them or download them As per their requirement. We are in efforts to digitalize all customer records.


Keeping in Sync with Changing Times

We believe in the philosophy of keeping the customers well informed about the updates and the proceedings so that the procedure is completed with utmost ease and simplicity. A monthly video on construction updates is posted on the website and our YouTube channel to keep our customers aware of the latest developments.


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