Rajasthan housing board seeks land for building 98,000 houses

Rajasthan housing board seeks land for building 98,000 houses
15/03/2019 , by , in News/Views

After the Rajasthan Housing Board (RHB) transferred its prime land for the construction of Jaipur Metro station at Mansarovar, a proposal has been forwarded to the state government to allot land in eight cities in return.

The RHB has proposed to construct approximately 98,000 houses on the earmarked land in these cities. The move is expected to give fresh lease of life to the RHB, which was on its death bed during the previous BJP government after CM VasundharaRaje imposed ban on construction in 2016.

An official at RHB said, “RHB has been waiting for the past seven years to receive the land in return, which it transferred for the construction of metro station in 2012. The land worth was around Rs 317 crore. The then government on November 5, 2012 issued order to return land of same value to RHB. However, the proposal remained unattended in the past BJP tenure.”

As Congress government in its manifesto promised to strengthen the RHB, the proposal was forwarded to the state government. Established in 1970, the RHB had aimed to provide houses on a no-profit no-loss basis. However, the previous state government policies allegedly made the RHB defunct in the recent few years.

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