Reaching the vertical limits

Reaching the vertical limits
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Amit Gossain, Managing Director- KONE India, talks to Realty Plus about the innovations that they have introduced in the real estate segment to improve elevator operation and system efficiency, contributing to some of the most energy-saving vertical transportation systems commercially available. Excerpts.

KONE has been featured for the 7th time in a row in the Forbes list of 100 most innovative companies in the World for its design, energy efficiency & safety features and for the service that it provides.


Indian business:

In the early 80’s the Factory (Beacon KONE) was incorporated in India which was a joint venture between KONE Corporation, Finland and Best & Crompton, India. The factory was inaugurated in the late 80’s. In the 90’s KONE India became a 100% subsidiary of KONE Corporation, Finland. The Indian Technology and Engineering Centre (ITEC) which caters to KONE globally was inaugurated in 2010 and it operates from Chennai. KONE currently has an extensive Installation and Service network [41 branches around India]


Evolution of elevator and escalator technologies:

High-rise buildings are towering achievements that indicate the future of urban living. With the increasing density of super high-rise buildings in cities, demand for ultra-high-speed lifts is increasing. In response, advanced technologies are continuously being introduced to improve elevator operation and system efficiency, contributing to some of the most energy-saving vertical transportation systems commercially available.

Every single day, there are millions of people moving around these impressive structures – working, living, and visiting. Tenants expect the best in comfort, security and convenience. Building owners and managers require the project to be completed on time with cutting edge technology and integrated systems that enable efficient building management. Meeting all these demands in a high-rise building is always a challenge since the elevator operates under highly demanding conditions. When existing technology & solution can be taken no further to meet this challenge, there comes the need for innovation!

Our history of innovation is one of our success factors and we always believe in being closer to the customer. Completing the projects on time is one of the top priorities for all the builders in any project and if it’s a high-rise, it becomes a greater challenge for the elevator company to safely transport all the required construction material and people to the desired height. That’s when KONE came with an innovative solution called the JumpLift – a construction time elevator that uses the building hoists to move upward as the construction progresses. This unique construction time elevator uses a temporary machine room that can be shifted up or down, depending upon the need. It enables safe & fast construction, reduces downtime & costs, facilitates early closing of facades, and enables safe & efficient transportation for people and materials in all weather conditions.

KONE also led the way by introducing a new hoisting technology “KONE Ultra rope” – a super light carbon fiber core. The Ultra rope is 90% lighter than the equivalent steel cable, thereby reducing more than 50% reduction in moving masses & 15% reduction in energy consumption. It also allows the elevator to travel up to 1km in a single run, double of what’s currently possible with a steel cable. KONE UltraRopeTM is a new innovative rope with:

             Considerably less weight than traditional steel ropes

             Very high strength properties

             Very durable

It gives us immense pleasure when all these innovations are actually transferred to the customer. One such moment was, when we became the vertical transportation partner for the world’s tallest tower “Kingdom Tower Saudi Arabia”. This tower will have the world’s fastest double decker elevators with Ultra rope technology travelling at a record speed of 10m/s.

KONE Polaris Hybrid Destination Control systems combine the best of destination and traditional control system, which leads to increased handling capacity, shorter waiting time, fewer intermediate stops, and enhanced passenger comfort. It also adds a high-tech feel and improved security to the building.


Making buildings safe for all:

Careful planning, component selection, expert installation, and on-site verification at handover are essential for a safe, quiet and good ride comfort. It is essential that we offer a safe elevator ride, easy access for all users, clear guidance and good security. A 24/7 contact to the customer care center is necessary to provide timely response.

It is essential to maintain both safety and efficiency in the design of our solutions. It is necessary to not only rely on traditional building codes, but to demonstrate safety in our tall buildings. Several issues concerning elevator use in emergencies, such as human behavior, control, training, equipment reliability, and communication, should be addressed before this mode of vertical transportation can be implemented. At KONE, we ensure that our safety policies are clearly communicated to our sub-contractors so that there are no deviations in any process. Risk assessment are regular safety audits are done at every stage

One of the smart, emerging trends in the industry is collaborating on opportunities to enhance connectivity through the use of Internet of Things products – services and technologies that employ digital technologies to better connect with customers and with elevator, escalator and moving walkway equipment.

KONE’s partnership with IBM is an important stepping stone to deliver the best People Flow experience. We operate in a connected world and by working with IBM, new solutions like remote diagnostics and predictability means we will deliver even better services to our customers and great experiences for the people who use our equipment.


Innovative products and services:


As one of the earliest pioneers that shaped the elevator and escalator industry at the global level, KONE understands and places great importance on Design.  And Design is not about good looks alone.  At KONE, Design is treated as fine emotional experience that pleases the elevator user during every ride through form and function.  It is a combination of aesthetics, accessibility, comfort, safety, reliability and eco-efficiency.

Energy Efficiency:-

In terms of energy efficiency, KONE was the pioneer in inventing EcoDisc® in the year 1996, which revolutionized the elevator industry confirming KONE as a technology leader.  Continuous R&D and innovations have resulted in a hoisting technology that has redefined the standards in ride comfort & energy savings, the utmost satisfaction of end users and customers.


Our experts and well-trained service technicians on the field leave no stone unturned when it comes to addressing customer concerns. The success in service is not just about complaint handling but providing the right solution too. At KONE, we put safety first as safety for us means more than just conforming to the local laws and norms. KONE Care Maintenance is designed to detect issues before problems arise, reduce hazards, and prevent accidents from taking place.


In India the residential sector contributes predominantly for our business. Hence it is important that we deliver solutions that the segment requires. With more emphasis on energy efficient products, the gearless elevators are gaining advantage and our customers want the best.


Potential in India’s real estate:

The Real Estate industry has been going through a lot of ups and downs in the last few years. With the demonetization that was announced late last year, the industry is currently facing a short term impact  but in the long run I am sure this industry will pick up. India is in a fast pace of urbanization and it is quite evident that this trend will most certainly set the stage for faster development across all sectors in the country.

The elevator is the heart of a building that ensures smooth people flow. In recent times, tall buildings have not only continued to be built, but have become more prevalent and more complex than ever before. As we are finally creating true cities in the sky, we are also faced with the need to maintain both safety and efficiency in the design of our escape systems. Providing the best people flow experience to create an enjoyable and memorable user experience will continue to be on priority for us.



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