Real Estate’s Young Turks Of 2021

Real Estate’s Young Turks Of 2021
Aug 2021 , by , in Developers Speak

Realty+ 40 Under 40 inaugural edition this year listed the top real estate professionals for the year 2021 that are paving the path for change and innovation in the sector.

Yukti is a strong-willed dynamic leader who oversees and ensures the entire brand operations at all touch points by building brand equity and imagery. More than just overseeing, she engineers sales, human resource acquisition, and construction, as well as the best customer relationship strategies, with enviable flair. She brings a fresh new arsenal of ideas to the table, and her zeal and talent inspires those around her.

She is in charge of bringing the company to the next level and establishing new real estate trends. Under Yukti’s leadership, the group has forayed into Uber Luxury Housing segment and is developing its project Gulshan Dynasty, which is indeed a perfect amalgamation of Luxury and Wellness.

“Our future-oriented approach ensures that we infuse creative architecture with state-of-the-art luxuries to build good quality homes that last for generations. We were into core residential real estate and now we are planning a well diversified expansion by embarking into the commercial and hospitality sector as well,” Yukti shared.

While, managing the entire marketing planning cycle to ensure brand aesthetics at every touchpoint, she is also trying to change people’s perceptions that developers are only interested in completing a project and are unconcerned about the needs of their customers. “There are developers who make sure that all the needs of buyers are met with precision. The case in real estate is about a black sheep spoiling the whole flock,” she expressed.

We would like to see a time when people will stop seeing developers like the people interested only in delivering a project with no attachment to buyers’ sentiments. When I see projects that resemble Shantytowns made of brick and mortar, and lack any attempt to improve people’s lives, I feel disheartened. Through Gulshan, I want to address this issue and make the buyer feel honoured.

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