Realty Players Going the Extra Mile to Extend Experiential Living

Realty Players Going the Extra Mile to Extend Experiential Living
Oct 2021 , by , in Interviews

Amar Sarin, Managing Director & CEO, TARC shares with Realty+ the key differentiators that attract home buyers.

Landscaped greens, sound of water, calming and serene environs with expansive open spaces is not just an aspiration for the evolving set of urban home buyers, but a living reality. Thoughtfully designed outdoors, with amenities and features are now being curated for the modern Indian family, keen to explore and actualise life to the maximum.

Today, the lifestyle demands in the metropolitan cities in India go far beyond just the basic sports and outdoor games which were a big draw till a few years back. Now, it is all about experiences for each and every person in the family that redefine daily living. Experiences that add the zest and spark to each aspect of their lifestyle while also inspiring them to live their best. All weather swimming pools, high quality gyms with personalised training, dedicated spaces for Spa and treatment rooms are no longer the domain of resorts but are now an integral offering of contemporary urban developments, completely focused on experiential living.

The Key Differentiators

Be it high rise condominiums or gated villa developments, projects with these thoughtfully planned zones, meaningful amenities are most sought after. These key differentiators are the magnet to attract home buyers wanting to go the extra mile for an immersive lifestyle.

The modern club houses are being planned with international architects, to provide exclusive and bespoke experiences through design curation synergised with hospitality backed services. These can further be personalised and customised as per the demands of the individual residents. A sports bar for the young, a lounge for the community to connect, a café for the reader and an all-day diner with gourmet offerings are all  part of this integrated approach to planning and providing a wholesome living ecosystem.

Busy and overscheduled days a norm, time does come at a premium. It is here that the future ready, real estate development companies are focussing. Enabling the residents with on tap and seamless access to facilities in the private clubs in the residential complex, making life much simpler, easy and stress free, ensuring that the ease of use of these facilities, is just an extension of their apartment home.

Today, the residents also look forward to actualise their day and yearn for social spaces that are customisable and flexible, dedicated areas within their club to work, connect and indulge. Companies are in sync with this reality and are creating the perfect platform, meeting the evolving lifestyle needs of the demanding set who are keen to work live and play on their own terms and within their owned comfort zones.

The development companies are extremely mindful of the value aesthetics and attention to detail create for their patrons and are consciously taking a deep dive here. Design leads in creating numerous visceral experiences every day for the residents, making them a part of a contemporary environment, extending to functionality with a complete set of offerings with open decks for hosting parties, loungers by the pool for recreation, picnic spots with qualified teams acting as an extended support system for the families.

It is with these elements of design, curated features, meaningful offerings and services, which when stitched together brings to life the wholeness of experience, that quality residential developments are eager to curate and offer.

The Human Centric Approach

Forward-thinking real estate firms are not only looking at individual gratification while creating beautiful spaces and outdoor environs, they are extending their role and also playing an integral part in developing communities of like-minded individuals coming together for a common calling or a cause or even hobbies and sports.

A monthly calendar of events, interactive sessions with celebrity chefs, fitness and nutrition classes are just a few aspects which the community partakes jointly making each interaction an experience to savour. This human centric approach is a major catalyst towards experiential living, enabling and making families live amongst friends.

Nuclear families, working parents are an integral aspect of modern-day urban living. Our assessments and surveys have shown that one of the primary reasons families leave large individual houses and move to high quality apartments is due to the experiences they want their kids to grow up with. Safe and secure environs for children to play outdoors while developing bonds and relationships with neighbours are still aspirational as even big cities lack accessible quality public spaces and outdoor urban infra.

Contemporary and new age residential developments are being planned with a heart bringing the intangibles to the fore, ensuring dedicated spaces for the elderly, support systems for working mothers, a creche, kids and even teen rooms are planned. This holistic approach, ensures peace of mind for the parents while also creating beautiful experiences and memories for everyone, bringing the zest and joy of living to life.

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