Realty Plus in conversation with Angie Kripalani, Interior Designer & Creator of Angie Kripalani Design.

Realty Plus in conversation with Angie Kripalani, Interior Designer & Creator of Angie Kripalani Design.
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Her introduction and her experience in the interior industry of 20 years.

AnjalekaKripalani (Angie) is a renowned interior designer, who has been in the Indian interior industry since the last 20 years mesmerizing clients with her great sense of style and luxury living.

She started her education from Jesus and Mary School. Thereafter, she pursued her graduation also from Jesus and Mary College.She is a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York. Where she got her interior architecture degree and took her first step towards pursuing her dream of being an interior specialist and started working with Ralph Lauren.

Later on returning to India, she started her own interior design firm by the name of Angie Kripalani design and RenaisaanceHomez a luxury life style brand. Which has been a pioneer in timeless home and office luxury.


About her latest collection and how she makes Angie Kripalani Design different fromother brands in the market.

Keeping up with the trends is crucial as they change in a blink of an eye and everyone wants what’s trendy and upto date. With Angie Kripalani Design, I try to bring a combination of both contemporary and classic to the table. The main differentiating factors are the design and use of materials, colour also plays a big role as well. Mostly we like to use bright designs with dramatic accents in my creation. Currently I am following the theme CLASSIC WARMTH in my designs.


Challenges faced by her in the beginning and challenges that she currently faces as a designer.

The biggest challenge when we started was that the import duty was 150 percent which lead to our products being pricey. On the other hand online market and pricing on Google is making it difficult to sustain the Brand and its loyal customers.We are currently trying to overcome that.Moreover,there weren’t many working women in the industry at that time, so starting up my label with such costly products on my own was not at all easy.


Latest interior trends and her views on them.

Top trends for interiors and home décor in 2019 are – For walls its exotic wall textures and dramatic wall papers. In colours it’sshades of coral, green, yellow and specially grey colours that are in trend this year. Fabrics with rich materials such as damasks and chenille velvets are the talks of 2019. Classic accessories like dramaticchandeliers are back now as people are turning more towards accessorizing the place with good accented highlights and artworks. And to cosy up homes and offices a lot of wood work in classic and contemporary designs are what people are looking for. Right now everyone is more into luxury with detailing in the designs and warmth in the interiors.


Important things to know while designing a celebrity home.

The interior décor of a home should reflect the taste of the person residing. Celebrity homes are over the top with more drama in the décor, having bigger budgets they use huge arts, chandeliers, mirrors, tapestry wall papers and luxurious furniture. Whereas in regular homes there is limited space hence are more functional and practical with a nice appeal.


Her future goals and aspirations.

Being a pioneer in Interiors and imported home products since 20 years, I have been designing homes & MNC offices. Now, I want to provide high end luxury interiors solution to the thousands of homes available for furnishing. We would like to focus on complete Interior solution and not only on the products.


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