Realty Plus in conversation with Architect Anil Hatkar, President Lambda Alpha International (LAI) India.

Realty Plus in conversation with Architect Anil Hatkar, President Lambda Alpha International (LAI) India.
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Give me a brief description about your journey?

It’s been more than 40 years that I have been in the profession of architecture. The scenario was quite different when I started. That time the field of architecture was in nascent stages. Awareness of the profession was not there. In fact, it was in 1962, that the architecture as a recognized discipline came into being with a five-year degree course.

How evolved architecture as a profession has become?

The trajectory of becoming an architect is the same. However, new technologies and systems have become part of this profession now. Instead of hand drawings & sketching, the advance software can help draw much faster and even give detailed 3D images of the project. .

The architects, consultants, engineers are still not given the kind of respect their vocation deserves. Many are not even paid properly and timely. Though we have come a long way and in metro cities, the change is evident, yet lot more needs to be done to give due credit to the consultants in the field of design, engineering and infrastructure, if we want the Indian real-estate to reach global standards.

What is the gap between the land economics and land use?

The idea of RERA is not very clear as of now. Also, in my opinion before new development, redevelopment of existing land and infrastructure is mandatory. While, government is planning developing Smart cities, funding and implementation becomes the key to success. If we plan to make Indian cities Smart, implementation plan should be there. The most important thing is the clarity about the funding. The right roadmap to achieve the targets is also required.

Though, initiative has been taken by the PM of our country, clarity in what the government is proposing and implementing on the ground is requisite. We need proper infrastructure for the Make in India campaign proposed by the government of India. Rules should not be made complicated and on-ground application should be made clear.

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