Realty Plus Interview with AshitavParmar, COO, EIPL GROUP

Realty Plus Interview with AshitavParmar, COO, EIPL GROUP
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Which is the newest trend in kitchen design?

Metal components are the latest trend, use of metal frames, metal hoods, and metal open units. A rough powder coated is also one of the latest trends.

Which new material is becoming a kitchen favorite?

Fenix Nano-Tech Matt Material is taking over the market right now. The nano-technological material from ArpaIndustriale, has revolutionised the world of interior design. It is not only beautiful to look at but, most importantly, it is also a high-tech material, made unique by its characteristics.

FENIX has these characteristics by undergoing a particular series of processes, including a multi-layer coating and the use of next-generation nano-particles and acrylic resins, which are hardened and cured through an innovative Electron Beam Curing process. This process makes the material anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable, so much so that it can withstand serious knocks and scratches, but also makes it highly resistant to the aggressive action of solvents and reagents typically used for household cleaning.

FENIX is also heat-resistant. Additionally, should the surface have superficial micro-scratches, heat actually helps to repair them. The surface of the material is scattered with a dense grid of cross-polymers with their own memory, which can be reactivated by the application of heat.

FENIX is also water-repellent, hygienic, thanks to its effective bacteria-killing action, and resistant to mould. All of these make it a perfect surface for contact with food and very easy to clean.

Contorno offers Fenix surface kitchens from DoimoCucine (Materia collection).

Flexible, multi-functional solutions are trending. Do you offer any kitchen solutions that address this trend?

We offer breakfast ledge integration with Kitchen Island, thereby saving space for separate dining area, also making it easier for all the family members to accommodate, nothing brings people closer than dining together.

We offer solutions that hide the hob and the sink with a sliding counter-top thereby creating a flat working area. Pull-down or pull-up counter-tops are also quite fancy and make things easier. We also offer Falmec metal Chimneys with in-built tablet holders, this is an eco-friendly solution and helps restoring the green in our environment.

How are you addressing the unique requirements of an Indian kitchen within modular European designs? Do you customise your imported solutions to the Indian market?

We procure the counter top surfaces locally for our Italian Kitchens; we make sure that the materials used are the ones that suit the Indian conditions & usage.

Our Contorno range of Kitchens are European inspired designs – produced locally to cater to the special attention that Indian usage requires – they’re robust and made fully in marine ply.

How is modern technology impacting kitchen design? Are consumers in India opening up to high-tech solutions?

Most customers now go for built-in appliances instead of standalone appliances. We are quite happy to see that nowadays customers are well read & ask for digital/smart solutions, even though most brands offer only concepts in this area. So far, when it comes to smart kitchens – practical, real-world commercial availability is not as good as it should be.

Any futuristic kitchen design trends we should watch out for?

Metal effect lacquered shutter surfaces and UV lacquered shutter surfaces are the ones that have us excited.

Based on your experience, what do Indian clients demand the most from the kitchen design?

The foremost is practicality, next comes maximized storage (includes lofts) and a long lasting life for their kitchens.

One kitchen solution that isn’t incorporated much in Indian kitchens but you would recommend?

The hide-away kitchen, it makes all the difference.

Share with us new products/solutions that were recently launched by the brand/company.

SoHo is a kitchen with an industrial style kitchen, inspired by factories transformed into apartments, filled with steel, wired glass, metal and metal-effect lacquer finishes. Domestic warmth is introduced by no less than five chestnut finishes and attentive details. They include a unique profile frame cabinet door that brings a soft touch, a projecting edge profile and countertop trays that bring movement to SoHo’s sedate qualities. Another one of SoHo’s characteristic is its black metal bookshelf which makes an ideal divider.

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