Realty+ Presents “Behind the Scenes” in Association with Another Idea

Realty+ Presents “Behind the Scenes” in Association with Another Idea
Jul 2020 , by , in WALKTHROUGHS

Realty+ in association with Another Idea presents a new live Talk Show called “Behind the Scenes” to bring to light the untold interesting stories about iconic landmarks.

Marketers and developers realise that there is so much more to say than the advertising messages that go behind the making of the landmarks they deliver. The stories, insights, intentions, and taken actions, create the real identity of the project. From the precision behind selecting a location to drawing the first line on the blueprint, from planning the layout to paying attention to every detail of the project, these golden facts based on which a particular project is planned remains only with the top management and rarely reaches the customer who is eventually going to buy it. Thus, value is not seen as valuable by the end consumer, as he is not aware of the science that goes behind the making of this art called home.

“Behind the Scenes” will serve as a platform that will give voice to that valuable information about the projects while reaching out to 16,000+ live audiences where advertising can’t.

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