‘Realty, Reliability and Responsibility’

‘Realty, Reliability and Responsibility’
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In an exclusive interview with Pradeep Aggarwal, Co-Founder & Chairman, Signature Global, who won two awards. The first one in the category of Debutant of the Year for the Project- Solera and second in the category of Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year for Solera, Synera, Andour Heights & Signum

How do you feel after winning debutant of the year award from Realty Plus?

It is always a pleasure to receive accolades and awards for the hard work. The pleasure magnifies when esteemed organizations like Realty Plus recognize your efforts.

Has it raised the bar of expectation from you for the future?

We always try to beat our own records and standards. Yes, the pressure increases when you know industry stalwarts are keeping an eye on you.

Do you think the jury process was transparent?

Indeed! All the deserving candidates got awarded. Moreover, an institution like yours would not mess up such details.

What are your biggest trends?

Our biggest trend lies in our transparency in doing business. We are collating everything online. Right from filling the subscription form to tracking the development at site, one can check everything digitally.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

Our honesty and dedication towards our customers and employees speak for us. We do not do anything extra to motivate our teams, we just set examples for them and they outperform us.

What is the USP of your company?

As I said, transparency and dedication towards our customers are our USPs.

What is the advice you would like to give to upcoming and young developers?

More than an advice I would like to put forward a prayer that one should respect and value the hard earned money of its customers. Once you start valuing others, everything falls in place.

Describe your company in one line?

Our tagline describes us. It say ‘Realty, Reliability and Responsibility’.

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