Realty+ Show: Deciphering Indian Real Estate

Realty+ Show: Deciphering Indian Real Estate

The billboards across Mumbai announcing “Sai presents Realty+ Show on Republic TV” have caught the fancy of millions of citizens of the city. After all, buying real estate is a dream of every commonman or woman.

The newly launched Realty Plus knowledge series presented by Sai Estate Consultants on Republic TV is steadily gaining popularity among viewers because of its unbiased content on real estate.
Earlier in the show, we highlighted the often discussed issues of whether buying a house is better than renting or if renting is a more feasible solution in today’s scenario of job relocations. The next episode discussion revolved around the option of purchasing a land or buying an apartment with both presenting their own value in terms of freedom of building the house of own liking or doing away with the hassle of constructing.
Real estate is no longer a simple transaction but has become a maze of choices and procedures. The USP of this series lie in its critical analysis of the property related subjects and trying to unravel the myths around them for the public to understand and form correct opinions.
The all-encompassing show discusses a magnitude of topics that are of concern to everyone – from buyers, renters and investors to second homeowners, people constantly on the move and those in search of a better life. ‘Whether you are curious about real estate or an industry veteran, this series will add value to your decision-making.
The brand new Realty+ Showon Republic TV features prominent real estate professions of the country deliberating on consumer centric issues in every episode. The aim of the show is to decode the real estate market for the common man who plans to delve in property.
Realty+ Show Episode III
How does one decide which project is right for him or her and their family. Choosing the right project involves evaluating the location, amenities, infrastructure around and most importantly the budget.
The panellists explained in simplest of terms what should be the priorities for a home buyer when he is out there selecting a project to invest. Apart from the location, the reputation of the developer should also be an important consideration. Likewise along with the presence of amenities and facilities within a project, understanding the regular outgoing of maintenance cost is an important factor to think about. The project planning, ease of commuting, social facilities and the proper maintenance of the amenities in the long run are equally compelling elements.

Realty+ Show Episode IV
Buying a property is a great source of investment for the future or for immediate income. But, acquiring or selling of property can be complex given the multifarious tax structure of the country.
Recently introduced GST has made the tax system straightforwardsubsuming most of the charges. In case of real estate though, substantial fees of registration and stamp duty have been left out. The government is bringing in new tax reliefs. The expert panel debated the benefit and the burden of new tax regime and its impact on the purchasing power of the home buyer. They implored on all aspects from home loans and housing purchase to rentals and the grey areas that impact the final price for a home seeker.

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