Reflecting Brand through Design

Reflecting Brand through Design
Jul 2017 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Lladró, the internationally renowned Spanish porcelain brand opened the doors of its newly revamped boutique in Gurugram at Ambience Mall. Nikhil Lamba, Chief Operating Officer, Lladro India gave an insight on the products and the store design while talking to Realty Plus.

With a light, airy and welcoming space that reflects the brand’s essence, Lladró new 700 square feet outlet showcases the range of Lladró products, from its traditional, finely detailed figurines to its latest collection of contemporary decorative lighting.

“Growing at an average of 10 to 15 percent annually, Lladro has established itself as prominent brand when it comes to high-end home décor and corporate gifting. All Lladro products are handcrafted in Spain by a team of more than 1000 people who work on various stages of the products. The newly revamped store in Gurugram has been conceptualized on the lines of international stores in the world’s top destinations including New York, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Madrid, Cancun, Osaka, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, among others. ,” said Lamba

The new look and feel of Lladró boutique aesthetically complements the product offerings of premium Chandeliers, Wall Lights and Table lamps to focus more on utility with luxury. The interior materials used are exactly as per the standard specifications used for Lladro store across the world. This includes, floor tiles, Italian marble, lighting and even furniture finishing. Lighting comprises LED lights with high lux level fittings in the display windows. The spotlights are added to focus on particular products.

Lladro Store - Ambience Mall Gurgaon Lladro store - Ambience Mall Gurgaon. Lladro Store - Ambience Mall Gurgaon..


Design Concept

Since Lladro is into art category, the interior is inspired by the idea of a gallery or museum, where every art piece gets its space. Spanish designer Jaime Hayon conceived the color white and curved lines so that different kinds and coloring do not compete with each other. Instead each one stands out within the space allotted to it. The simplicity of the display elements creates a platform where diversity does not produce confusion but offers each piece space to breath.

“The primary focus of the design was on the display and visual appeal. The display windows are laid out in an attractive manner with a lot of spacing to even accommodate a big pedestal with Italian marble top among them. The prime focus products are placed on this pedestal top.  Every wall space, corner and even the space behind the cash counter is used in a proper way,” added Lamba

Using an organic contemporary language, the store design seeks to offer the perfect frame for the whole breadth of the brand’s sculpture, regardless of kind, shape or color, while lending maximum visibility to the individual features of each piece.



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