Reopening Of Multiplex/Cinema Halls

Reopening Of Multiplex/Cinema Halls
Oct 2020 , by , in Interviews

Bimal Sharma, Head -Retail, Advisory & Transactions Services, CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd.

With the cinemas opening, in some states, is a very important step in bringing people back out of their homes and into an environment that they have missed for a while now. This would happen with the operators taking due precautions and following the norms prescribed guidelines of sanitization, social distancing, etc, and by making the visitors feel safe and winning their trust.

Needless to say that we expect all the operators to follow the basic statutory norms and do much more and to introduce various touchless access, distribution & controls measures, to improve safety of the patrons.

The shopping centers which have opened a few weeks ago, have been waiting for the cinemas to open to bring in their regular footfalls, but considering that we aren’t seeing any big movie launches in the initial few weeks, will have to wait for this to happen. This soft opening (if I can call it), however, would give the operators an opportunity to test and fine tune their SOPs and test their safety protocols in the initial weeks.

Once other large markets, such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, AP & Telengana open up, and we have new / large movies releasing in the cinemas, we are hopeful that we would see not only the cinema industry rejoicing, but also the retail and F&B sectors alongside them.”

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