‘Parryware’ unveils its new Artitude (Art + Attitude) collection

‘Parryware’ unveils its new Artitude (Art + Attitude) collection
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Realty+ in conversation with KE Ranganathan, MD, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd.

What makes Roca a Global business?

Roca began its activity as a company that made cast iron radiators for domestic heating at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona. After these first radiators, the firm expanded its portfolio with the production of boilers. In 1929, Roca entered the bathroom space by starting the production of baths.

At present we are the largest bathroom player in the world. The second largest is only half the size of Roca. So, one can understand the power of Roca in the industry. Roca has about 82 factories across the world and are present in 170 markets.

“Roca came to India in 2005 as a joint venture with Parryware. In 2008 they bought the company and it is now known as Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd which is 100% subsidiary of Spain based Roca Group.”

International Brands of Roca

We offer about 5 brands spanning across the different segments. We have a luxury brand known as Armani Roca which is a range of products designed by Giorgio Armani and Roca. It has been successfully running for the last 12 years and is the top most luxury range when it comes to bathroom interiors. It is like the Bentley of interiors.

Then we have Laufen, it is a range from Switzerland. It is the world’s choicest brand in sanitary ware. It has the Swiss technology, design and efficiency all wrapped up in one brand.

The third brand that we have is Roca. This is a designer’s choice brand, wherein every range of Roca is designed by a top designer from across the world. Also read http://realtyplusmag.com/interview-with-pau-abello-managing-director-roca-bathrooms-products-pvt-ltd-2/

The philosophy of Roca is, ‘Bathrooms are not mere utility areas, it’s a place where one can relax and visualise’. Roca aims to be cutting edge in terms of water conversation and design and has always been known as the most trust worthy brand.

The fourth brand we have is known as Parryware, it is the king of the market today in terms of market popularity. Parryware has always been a trendsetter. It is a brand that defines the bathroom space in India. For example, way back in 1980 they brought in cascade rain. It was the first water closet with 6 litre flushing. They then worked on glamourizing the bathroom spaces. They elevated the experience and imagination of a customer in a Bathroom. Sanitary ware was transformed into a consumer product, something that was earlier just saw to by plumbers. So, we were the pioneers in making the consumers realise that bathroom was part of the home.

The fifth brand we have is called Johnson Suisse. It caters to the affordable category and was acquired in 1996. We have always kept this brand in a very limited way but given the recent market demand for everything affordable we have rejuvenated it.

Brands play an important role, they redefine and create a need in the market. Consumers feel the gap but do not always realise how to fill that gap. We provided a solution to that issue through our showrooms and experience centres across the country.

Today we have 5000 showrooms and they are all very plush. A consumer can touch the product and experience its quality. As a market leader the level of consumerism has been developed by us. Competition will always follow the leader.

Company performance

We are doing reasonably well and are growing at about 20%. In India, we are the fastest growing company in the affordable category. We are the number one player as no one else offers this many brands.

  • In terms of luxury segment we see quite a lot of action happening. Even with Parryware which is a premium brand. Recently we launched a range of kid’s products in Delhi. We segment the consumers and then launch relevant products. We do an extensive R&D to learn what the different needs of the consumers are across different age groups and spanning across the time of day.
  • Youth is our biggest market. For this group of consumers the products we design are more technology oriented along with a big focus on aesthetics and hygiene. Another big demand by this consumer base is water conservation.

Roca Bathroom Products Private Limited is committed to achieve stakeholder satisfaction in all areas of its operations by establishing and maintaining an efficient and effective Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Health & Safety.




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