“Safety Week” observed at Goel Ganga Developers’ sites

“Safety Week” observed at Goel Ganga Developers’ sites
12/03/2018 , by , in News/Views

Goel Ganga Developers (IndiaPrivate Limited observed the “Safety Week” at their various sites during 4th to 10th March. The Contractor, supervisor and labourers took part in the safety week.

Under the safety week, labourers were given oath to follow all safety measures strictly like wearing safety belt while working at the higher level at construction site, always wear safety helmet and safety shoes, No smoking during work time, to maintain cleanliness at the work place and motivate others to use safety measures. They were also guided on saving money, self-education, self-dependency and doing routine health check-up.

“Labourers form the backbone of any construction site. The safety of its men and women is of prime importance. There are many safety measures available but many a time out of negligence or otherwise, accidents takes place which leads to loss of precious life. Hence to spread awareness and reduce the occurrence of accidents labourers were educated to follow all safety norms while at work, said Amit Goel, Director, Goel Ganga Developers.

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