Sai Estate Consultants Celebrated Festival of Democracy

Sai Estate Consultants Celebrated Festival of Democracy
25/05/2019 , by , in News/Views

As counting of votes for the 7th LokSabha elections began on 23rd May. Sai Estate Consultants ChemburPvt. Ltd. (SECCPL) celebrated the Festival Of Democracy. The occasion was marked with a live screening of the counting, along with expert commentary, amid much fanfare, food, and merriment. The screening which was held at Club Emerald, Chembur, was attended by prominent faces in Mumbai’s political circles, as well as election aficionados.

As the counting began, attendees, who make up a part of the world’s largest democracy, were gripped to the news, to see how the results would determine the destiny of this great nation. Following a nail-biting start, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) crossed the seat mark, early in the day, to retain power for a second term.

Speaking at the Festival Of Democracy, Mr. Amit Wadhwani, Founding Member, Sai Estate, said, “After 71 years of independence, India still continues to keep its values of empowering citizens intact. Every election is the time to cherish and celebrate that “WE” as people of INDIA come together and decide our future for the next 5 years. We at Sai Estate Consultants ChemburPvt. Ltd. (SECCPL), believe that the results will be path-breaking for the nation, as we enter another decade of strong growth and development.”

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