Samsung unveils new range of A/Cs priced from Rs 50,950

Samsung unveils new range of A/Cs priced from Rs 50,950
20/02/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Electronics major Samsung today unveiled new range of air conditioners in Chennai, equipped with company’s Wind-Free Cooling technology, targeted at customers with specific needs and preferences.

The new air-conditioner is integrated with the company’s Wind-Free Cooling technology into its design providing customer with cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency, a press release said.

The Wind Free range of air-conditioners would be available in the price range of Rs 50,950 to Rs 74,260, according to company Consumer Electronics Business, Vice-President, Alok Pathak.

“In the air-conditioning segment, direct cold air dispersion and sky rocketing electricity bills are two problems that today’s customers are weary of most. The world’s first wind-free air conditioner from Samsung addresses both these issues together”, he said.

Pathak said the new technology is designed to cater to Indian consumer’s specific needs and preferences, given the severe climatic conditions. The air-conditioner promises a comfortable cooling experience without the discomfort of direct airflow and also reduces energy consumption by upto 72 per cent, it added.


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