Samsung unveils new range of smart home appliances

Samsung unveils new range of smart home appliances
18/02/2016 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Samsung first introduced connected home appliances to its consumer range in 2014, with the Crystal Blue washing machine. At the firm’s European Forum, held in Monaco, the South Korean manufacturer displayed its newest line of smart appliances, including washing machines, vacuum cleaners and fridges.

Elen Corvoisier, marketing director for Samsung appliances, outlined the brand’s aim to bring connectivity to products in a beneficial way, improving user comfort and facilitating new uses. “All of these products are easy to use, connect and set up. They need to be able to blend into the décor,” she went on. Here’s a look at some of Samsung’s connected appliances on show at the European Forum.

Add Wash washing machines

Samsung’s new line of smart washing machines still uses the firm’s Eco Bubble technology, which injects a small amount of air into the water and detergent to make a fine, soapy foam that’s gentle on laundry. For 2016, the washers get another exclusive new feature, in the form of a second little door for adding extra items of laundry at any moment during the wash or rinse cycle. AddWash machines connect to Samsung’s SmartHome application, which can be used to manage all of the brand’s smart appliances. From here, users can start, change or stop a wash, while also viewing feedback such as energy use data. The app even sends notifications to remind users to empty the load once they get home.

Samsung’s new AddWash washing machines are expected to launch in Europe at the end of February 2016.

Powerbot Turbo WiFi vacuum cleaners

This connected robot vacuum cleaner comes with new mapping capabilities to help it analyze and chart its surroundings when entering a new environment. This allows Samsung’s smart vacuum cleaner to make a floorplan of an entire home, on which individual rooms can be named. This makes cleaning easier to manage, as specific rooms or areas can be selected for the robot to clean. Plus, this can be done at home or remotely thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. The vacuum then automatically returns to its charging station once the job is finished.

Samsung’s new range of Wi-Fi robot vacuum cleaners is expected to launch in Europe in March 2016.

Family Hub fridges

With a 21.5-inch touchscreen replacing traditional notepads and stick-on reminders, Samsung turns the humble fridge into a high-tech tool for interaction, entertainment and sharing info in the family home. It can even interact with other connected devices from various brands thanks to onboard support for “SmartThings” technology. This turns the fridge into a control hub for all the home’s smart appliances. It even recognizes voice commands for hands-free control when cooking, for example. This new generation of smart fridges can show users exactly what’s inside without opening the door and can manage the use-by dates of products stored inside.

Samsung’s Family Hub fridge range is expected to launch in Europe this summer (prices are unconfirmed but expect €2,500 to €3,000 for the standard fridge/freezer and around €6,000 for the American-style model). Source: AFP RELAXNEWS

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