Schneider makes renewable energy pledge

Schneider makes renewable energy pledge
13/12/2017 , by , in ALLIED

Schneider Electric has committed to sourcing 100 per cent renewable electricity and to the doubling of its energy productivity, both by 2030.


The global energy management and automation specialist said it strongly believes it cannot go renewable without ensuring optimisation of its energy system first.


The company has also announced it has signed up to two global, collaborative initiatives, led by the Climate Group and bringing together influential businesses committed to accelerating climate action.


These are: RE100: to use 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030 with an intermediary objective of 80 per cent by 2020; and EP100 to double energy productivity by 2030, against a 2005 baseline, setting a target to double the economic output from every unit of energy consumed.


“We are in a new world of energy that is becoming more electric, more decarbonised, more decentralised, and more digital,” said Emmanuel Lagarrigue, chief strategy officer and executive vice president. “Our mission at Schneider Electric is to supply the technologies that permit, drive and catalyse the transition to a new world of energy.”

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